1. A.C. Dick Acres
  2. Accolade Ranches
  3. Alston Cerbat Ridge
  4. Arcadia Add to Kingman Airport
  5. Arizona Ranchettes
  6. Arizona West
  7. Arroyo Vista TR 1977 E.KGM
  8. Atherton Acres
  9. Banks Airport Addition
  10. Bellcourt
  11. Bella Vista Estates
  12. Berry Acres
  13. Boulder Creek Estates
  14. Burbank
  15. Calvary Ranch Estates
  16. Canyon Bluff Estates
  17. Canyon Ranch Properties
  18. Canyon Shadows
  19. Canyon Vistas
  20. Castle Rock Village
  21. Cecil Davis Addition 1
  22. Cecil Davis Addition 2
  23. Cecil Davis Addition 3
  24. Cecil Davis Addition 4
  25. Cecil Davis Addition 5
  26. Cedar Creek Estates
  27. Cedar Estates
  28. Cedar Hills Ranches
  29. Cedar Hills Ranches Unit 2
  30. Cedar Hills Ranches Unit 3
  31. Cedar Hills Ranches Unit 4
  32. Cedar Hills Ranches Unit 5
  33. Cedar Hills Ranches Unit 6
  34. Cedar Hills Ranches Unit 7
  35. Cedar Hills Ranches Unit 8
  36. Cedar Hills Ranches Unit 9
  37. Cedar Hills Ranches Unit 10
  38. Cedar Hills Ranches Unit 11
  39. Cedar Hills Ranches Unit 12
  40. Cedar Mesa Ranches
  41. Cedar Ridge Estates
  42. Cerbat Country Club Estates
  43. Cerbat CourtCerbat Ranches
  44. Cerbat Vistas
  45. Chaparral Mesa
  46. Cheyenne Estates
  47. Cheyenne Meadows
  48. Cholla Villas
  49. City Park Addition
  50. Clacks Canyon
  51. Cofer Ranch
  52. College Heights
  53. College Trails
  54. Cottonwood Mtn Ranches
  55. Country Club
  56. Country Club Canyon Estates
  57. Country Club Manor
  58. Country Club Townhomes
  59. Country Club Villas
  60. Crestview Knolls
  61. Desert Arroyo
  62. Desert Fountain Estates
  63. Diamante Acres
  64. Diamond M Ranch
  65. Diamondback Ridge
  66. Eagle View Estates
  67. Fairway Meadows
  68. Federal Highway Addition
  69. Fort Rock Ranches Unit 1A
  70. Fort Rock Ranches Unit 1B
  71. Fort Rock Ranches Unit 1C
  72. Fort Rock Ranches Unit 1D
  73. Fort Rock Ranches Unit 1E
  74. Fort Rock Ranches Unit 1F
  75. Fort Rock Ranches Unit 1G
  76. Fort Rock Ranches Unit 1H
  77. Fort Rock Ranches Unit 1I
  78. Fort Rock Ranches Unit 1J
  79. Fort Rock Ranches Unit 1K
  80. Fort Rock Ranches Unit 1L
  81. Fort Rock Ranches Unit 1M
  82. Fort Rock Ranches Unit 1N
  83. Fountain Hills Estates
  84. Fripps Ranch
  85. Gold Canyon Estates
  86. Golden Gate Addition
  87. Granite Bluffs
  88. Greater Kingman Addition
  89. Greater Kingman Industrial Prk
  90. Green Wood Village
  91. Greenview Ranches
  92. Hidden Meadows
  93. Hidden Springs Ranch
  94. High Valley
  95. Hillcrest Estates
  96. Hillview Ranches
  97. Hodges Subdivision
  98. Hollingsworth Ranches
  99. Hollywood Addition
  100. Hualapai Foothill Estates
  101. Hualapai Meadows
  102. Hualapai Mountain Ranch
  103. Hualapai Mtn. Road
  104. Hualapai Shadows
  105. Hualapai Valley Estates
  106. Hubbs Addition
  107. Irving Heights
  108. J Bar H Ranches
  109. Kingman AirRail Manor
  110. Kingman Airport Ind PK
  111. Kingman Airport Tract
  112. Kingman Camelback
  113. Kingman Center Tract
  114. Kingman Commercial Center
  115. Kingman Country Club Addition
  116. Kingman Crossing
  117. Kingman Fairway Villas
  118. Kingman Golf Course Estates
  119. Kingman Golf Course Estates 2
  120. Kingman Golf Course Estates 3
  121. Kingman Industrial Crt
  122. Kingman Jagerson Condominiums
  123. Kingman Mercantile Hwy Tract
  124. Kingman Metropolitan Add 1
  125. Kingman Metropolitan Add 2
  126. Kingman Metropolitan Add 3
  127. Kingman New Business Addition
  128. Kingman New School House Add
  129. Kingman Park Estates Unit 1
  130. Kingman Park Estates Unit 2
  131. Kingman Park Estates Unit 3
  132. Kingman Park Estates Unit 4
  133. Kingman Pleasant View Addition
  134. Kingman Professional Condos
  135. Kingman Ranch Unit 1
  136. Kingman Ranch Unit 2
  137. Kingman Ranchitas
  138. Kingman Terrace Addition
  139. Kingman Townsite
  140. Kingman Valley Ranches
  141. Kino Ranch
  142. La Costa Townhomes
  143. Lake Junitper
  144. Lake Mead Rancheros
  145. Lake Mead Country Club
  146. Lake Mohave Ctry Club Est 02
  147. Lake Mohave Ctry Club Est 03
  148. Lazy YU Phase 4
  149. Lazy YU Ranch
  150. Legacy at Walleck Ranch
  151. Longview Additions
  152. Macdonald Addition
  153. Maverick Estates
  154. McLane Hual Mtn. Estates
  155. Metcalfe Acres
  156. Metcalfes Addition
  157. Metro Addition
  158. Mission Estates
  159. Mission Hills
  160. Mohave Co. Industrial Ctr
  161. Mohave County Industrial Cntr
  162. Mohave Meadows
  163. Monte Vista Estates
  164. Monte Vista Tract
  165. Morrow Acres
  166. Mountain Meadow Estates
  167. Mountain View Estates
  168. Mountain Vista Ranches
  169. Neal One Subdivision Tract
  170. New Kgmn Add Unit 7 TR
  171. New Kgmn Add Unit 8 TR
  172. New Kgmn Add Unit 9TR
  173. New Kgmn Add Unit 10 TR
  174. New Kgmn Add Unit 11 TR
  175. New Kingman Addition No 1
  176. New Kingman Addition No 2
  177. New Kingman Addition No 3
  178. New Kingman Addition No 4
  179. New Kingman Addition No 5
  180. New Kingman Addition No 6
  181. Norley Ranches
  182. North Ridge Estates
  183. Peacock Mountain Estates
  184. Peacock Mountain Ranch 1
  185. Peacock Mountain Ranch 2
  186. Peacock Mountain Ranch 3
  187. Peacock Moutain Ranches
  188. Pine Lake Unit 1
  189. Pine Lake Unit 2
  190. Pine Lake Unit 3
  191. Pine Lake Unit 4
  192. Pinion Hills Ranch
  193. Pinion Pine Estates Unit No. 1
  194. Pinion Pine Estates Unit No. 2
  195. Pinion Ridge Ranch
  196. Pleasant View Add
  197. Prairie Heights Estates
  198. QuailRidge Est TrKngmQuail Valley Estates
  199. Ranchero Heights
  200. Rancho Santa Fe II Tr
  201. Rancho Santa Fe III Tr
  202. Rancho Santa Fe TR
  203. Realsite Arizona Ranchettes
  204. Redwing Canyon Est
  205. Riata Highlands
  206. Riata Valley
  207. Riata Valley Est
  208. Richards Subdivision
  209. Ridgeview Ranch
  210. Round Valley Ranches
  211. Rutherford Village
  212. Santa Fe Tract Unit 1
  213. Santa Fe Tract Unit 2
  214. Santa Fe Tract Unit 3
  215. Sawmill Creek
  216. Serena Grace Meadows
  217. Shadow Canyon Ranches
  218. Shadow Mountain Acres Unit 1
  219. Shadow Mountain Acres Unit 2
  220. Shadow Mountain Acres Unit 3
  221. Shadow Mountain Estates
  222. ShangriLa Estates
  223. ShangriLa Estates III
  224. Sierra 1
  225. Sierra Vista Estates
  226. Silver Mountain Ranches
  227. Silver Ridge Phase 1
  228. Silver Ridge Phase 2
  229. Silver Ridge Phase 3
  230. Silver Springs
  231. Silverado Estates
  232. Silverado Ranchos
  233. Sixty Six Bus. Frontage Unit 2
  234. Sixty Six Bus. Frontage Unit 3
  235. Sixty Six Bus. Frontage Unit 4
  236. Smith Addition
  237. Southern Square
  238. Southern Vista
  239. Stockton Hill Ranches Unit 1
  240. Stockton Hill Ranches Unit 2
  241. Stockton Hill Ranches Unit 3
  242. Stockton Hill Ranches Unit 8
  243. Stockton Hill Ranches Unit 9
  244. Stockton Hill Ranches Unit 10
  245. Stockton Hill Ranches Unit 11
  246. Stockton Hill Ranches Unit 12
  247. Stowell Addition
  248. Sunhaven Homesites
  249. Sunny Highlands Estates
  250. Sunward Ho Ranches No. 2
  251. Sunward Ho Ranches No. 3
  252. Sunward Ho Ranches
  253. Sunward Ho Ranches Amend
  254. Surrey Heights Kingman 2
  255. Surrey Heights Kingman 3
  256. Surrey Heights Kingman 4
  257. The Ranch at Long Mtn.
  258. The Villas
  259. The Villas at Cerbat Cliffs
  260. Tin Mountain Ranches
  261. University Addition
  262. Valle Del Sol
  263. Valle Vista Unit 1
  264. Valle Vista Unit 2
  265. Valle Vista Unit 3
  266. Valle Vista Unit 4
  267. Valley Slope
  268. Vista Bella
  269. Vock Canyon Ranches
  270. Vock Canyon Ranches No. 2
  271. Walleck Ranch TR 1961A
  272. Walleck Ranch TR 1961B
  273. Walleck Ranch TR 1961C
  274. Walleck Ranch TR 1961D
  275. Walleck Ranch TR 1961E
  276. Walleck Ranch TR 1961F
  277. Walleck Ranch TR 1961G
  278. West Kingman Addition
  279. Whitehead
  280. Willow Creek Ranch Unit 1
  281. Willow Creek Ranch Unit 2
  282. Willow Creek Ranch Unit 3
  283. Willow Creek Ranch Unit 4
  284. Willow Creek Ranch Unit 5
  285. Willow Creek Ranch Unit 6
  286. Willow Creek Ranch Unit 7
  287. Willow Creek Ranch Unit 8
  288. Willow Creek Ranch Unit 9
  289. Windmill Ranch Phase 1 Unit 1
  290. Windmill Ranch Phase 1 Unit 2
  291. Windmill Ranch Phase 2 Unit 1
  292. Windmill Ranch Phase 2 Unit 2
  293. Windmill Ranch Phase 2 Unit 3
  294. Windmill Ranch Phase 2 Unit 4
  295. Yavapai Estates

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This Privacy Policy applies to everyone who uses our Services, but sometimes we direct parts of it toward particular groups of users. When we do, we use the following special terminology to refer to them:

"User" means anyone who uses our Services.

"Real Estate Professional," or "REP," A REP may be a landlord, property manager, broker or agent, home builder, mortgage professional or customer.

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What Information Do We Collect?

We Collect Some Information From All Users: As part of our Services, we use various technologies such as "session" and "persistent" cookies (small data files that we transfer to your computer), web beacons (tiny image files on web pages that communicate information about the page viewer to the beacon owner), log data, and third-party analytics services to collect and analyze information about Users. This includes things like Users' search preferences, saved searches, aspects of their use of the Services, interaction with ads served through the Service and location.

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Information We Collect from REPs:

If you create a REP account with us or become a Customer, we will ask you to provide certain information in order to set up your account. We ask all Customers and REPs who set up accounts to provide their name, their employer (if applicable), a phone number and an email address. We ask real estate agents to provide their real estate license number, and we will also collect financial data like credit card information and billing addresses from Customers, so that we can handle billing. If you are a Customer, a BrokerIDXsites, Inc. representative may call you to verify your information.

Why We Collect Information from You
  • BrokerIDXsites, Inc. provides a web based product focused on the accurate and timely display of active real estate listings via RETS using the “IDX” standard.
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  • Provide and improve our Services to you;

  • To manage our customer relationship with you and to provide you with customer support;
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Personally Identifiable Information: We may engage third party service providers to work with us to administer, provide and improve the Services, and these third party service providers have access to Users' personally identifiable information only to perform these services for us. Otherwise, we will only share your personally identifiable information at your direction (for example, when you request to contact a REP using our Services) and according to this Privacy Policy.

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General Matters

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