Details for 0 Stella Ranch, Golden Valley, AZ 86413
  1. Price: $6,075,000.00
  2. Days On Market: 270
  3. Acreage: 0.00 acres
  4. Pool: No
  5. Waterfront: No
  6. Year Built: Not Available
MLS#: 001520
  1. County: MOHAVE
  2. City: Golden Valley
  3. Zipcode: 86413
  4. Provided by: Country Ranch Realty
  5. Kingman - Golden Valley Association of REALTORS®
  6. DMCA Notice
Goldmine and sparkling spring with pond and shared well. Own a bit of historical Arizona. This sale includes Stella Ranch and Pilgrim mine and Mill Site (5 Patented Claims). This could just be wh
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